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Thinking about selling your business?
Here is how we can help!  
Increase EBITDA.  Sales of businesses are most often based on a
valuation multiple of EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes,
depreciation and amortization). We will work with you to increase
your company's EBITDA, and therefore the value of your company.
Streamline Operations.  Streamlining your company's operations
makes your company more profitable and, therefore, more
attractive to potential buyers. We will work with you:
Increased Profitable Revenues.  Increased revenues do not
necessarily lead to greater profitability - often it can have the
opposite impact.  We have the sales and marketing expertise to help
identify your most profitable product/service lines and to maximize
use of your marketing and sales dollars.  We can help you:
Optimize Human Resources.  People are your most valuable
asset.  And dealing with employees can not only be time
consuming, but expensive.  Let us help you:
Improve Financial and Accounting Procedures.  Your financial
dashboard not only needs to include the key numbers, but also
accurate numbers.  We can help with:
Positioning for Sale.  If you are considering selling all or a part of
your business, we have a depth of M&A experience to help
facilitate the process.  Services include:
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Operating a thriving business in today's increasingly complex
business environment is no easy task.  Not only do you have to
juggle numerous balls, you have to make sure you are juggling
the right ones.  And when it becomes time to consider selling
your business, the complexities get even harder.  Let us help
you accomplish your goals.  Our experience as former CEOs,
CFOs, and COOs in successful enterprises provides a wealth of
know-how in dealing with complex and challenging situations.
Increase Profitability. The one true measure of a business'
success is profitability.  All activities of your organization are
ultimately directed toward enhancing profits.  Whether you want to
position your company for future sale or desire the benefits of
increased cash flow, we offer specific services designed to improve
your bottom line.  We can assist you to:
  • Increase product/service margins
  • Eliminate underutilized and non-performing assets
  • Rationalize product/service lines
  • Optimize inventory/service
  • Eliminate operational inefficiencies
  • Optimize asset utilization
  • Implement management and financial controls
  • Implement employee incentive programs
  • Put metrics into place that drive profitability
  • Focus on sales that drive your bottom line
  • Identify profitable customers and market segments
  • Develop marketing strategies and plans that
    address your clients' real needs
  • Ensure each employees responsibilities,
    capabilities and interests are properly aligned
  • Appropriate accountabilities and performance
    measurements are in place
  • Properly incentive key employees
  • Budget preparation, analysis, and presentation
  • Forecasts and financial analysis
  • Financial management
  • Preparing "buyer friendly" financial pro formas
  • Creating a "Book" that includes business
    overview, products/services, competitive analysis,
    strategy, management and financial overview
  • Identifying experienced professionals (lawyers,
    accountants, investment banks and brokers)
Please contact us at (312) 236-1332.  We would
be glad to confidentially discuss how we can
help your company achieve its full potential.
In order for you to get top value for your company, you must: